Executive Director

Myra 2014Myra Dixon is the CEO and Executive Director of Another Chance Outreach Center. After working in customer service and the educational field, she was compelled to begin the paperwork process with the State of Illinois to start her own nonprofit organization. Another Chance was Incorporated in March of 2010. Since that time till date, Myra and the board of directors have met regularly to discuss further progress of the organization. The program was originally designed for ex offender women only, but after reviewing the statistics for domestic violence, homeless veterans within our country, and poverty among women in, Myra saw the need to address these issues as well. Another Chance received its 501c3 status in June 2011. The first two years were building the foundation. As Ms. Dixon continued to work diligently and persevere through the ground work challenges, Another Chance acquired its first facility in April 2012. The doors were opened to receive their first resident client July 2012.  

Her vision for Another Chance is just that; to see that women get “another chance” at living their life better and  healthier than they ever thought imaginable. Myra believes that everyone has made mistakes, and as long as there is breathe and life there is room for “another chance”. She has founded the center upon Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”.  Ms. Dixon believes that the same grace she needs and does not deserve from God, they also need. Her passion is to give veteran, homeless, battered, and ex offender women hope. She wants to show them that their life can change by having the proper attitude, being proactive in their recovery, working hard, and helping women understand that gaining another chance means having a desire to change within. Ms. Dixon is a believer of Jesus Christ, however, she does not discriminate against one’s religious beliefs, but focuses on “spirituality” and not religion.

Although Another Chance is located in Gary, Indiana, it is not limited to Gary. We will take women from other states that meets organization requirements. Ms. Dixon continues to work with various organizations within Lake County Indiana. She welcomes women from various backgrounds and nationalities. Another Chance is still in its growing phases, and Myra continues to work hard at creating a voice locally and abroad, so that women, other agencies, institutions, etc know that transitional living is available.  Myra Dixon is a graduate of Trinity International University (Deerfield, IL) and Olive Harvey College (Chicago, IL).