Moving Forward II  is a further extension of our original program, Moving Forward, which started last year.

Moving Forward II is a program sponsored by the Lake Country Substance Abuse Council. Through this program we are able to promote the disadvantages of using and abusing drugs.

Another Chance is proud to announce free community services for women living in Lake County, Indiana. Workshops will be held at Another Chance’s transitional living facility or at a location within Lake County.  These workshops are centered around our theme “Moving Forward from Substance Abuse II”.

There are many workshops to choose from. Potential participants can pick any workshops they like. We will be offering the following workshops:

Substance Abuse                    Domestic Violence                      Strong Families

Relapse Prevention               Parent Reunification                  Financial Management

Health & Wellness                 HIV Awareness                             Counseling

All participants enrolled in substance abuse workshops will be given a clinical assessment from a Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Click here for the registration form. Or you could receive one by emailing or calling the number below. Direct all questions to Jaylen Johnson:      

Contact information:  

Another Chance Outreach Center

Gary, Indiana (Glen Park Area)

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 219.487.5448