Housing Service: The organization provides temporary housing for up to twelve months for those within the program.

Daily Living Skills:  Meal preparation, chores, shopping for necessities, managing money, hygiene, using technology etc. Also, clients learn life skills that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. For example, cognitive, personal, and interpersonal abilities. Within these three areas, clients learn and understand decision making/ problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, self esteem and confidence building skills, anger management, coping skills and more.

Computer Literacy Classes:  These classes are taken at the career center, Ivy Tech Community College, or another place within the community that is offering this class.  Computer classes consist of learning how to type, understanding Microsoft applications, and learning how to use the Internet. It also prepares our program participants for acquiring their GED.

Job Readiness:  Clients prepare for the workplace. They learn cover letter and resume writing, professionalism, dealing with customers, effective communication, and some of the skills that they already know will be fine-tuned.

AA and NA Meetings: These meetings help substance abuse clients maintain their sobriety while on their journey through recovery.

Spiritual Needs:  For many, spirituality is a key component to self-dependency. It is believed that “change” is almost impossible without Spirituality.

Special Services: Periodic trips, motivational speakers etc. that will inspire, encourage and uplift them.